Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Montreal Winter in Motion

The province of Quebec and the city of Montreal, are notorious for the harsh winters, but it's not all bad! Life goes on, and festivals go on, here are some awesome compilation videos that summarize the frigid winter culture of these Quebecers.

Story of Quebec - Outdoor Life:

Out There (Canada Goose) - They master Winter, They master Outerwear:

Igloofest - Annual outdoor electronic music festival, the warmth of the patrons keeps you going in -30C - they actually need beer warmers (instead of chillers) to keep the beer from freezing:

A Monday morning in Montreal:

Coming soon to a street near you - Winter!:

Montreal Snow Removal: Megatrucks! They're insanely fast! Larue D65 - For 40 years, Larue Snowblowers have been designed and assembled in Quebec!:

Cold, refreshing, crisp! A somehow pleasant change from the humid cloud of stifling heat that I was grown up in. :)